Research Outputs Khuyagbaatar Batsuren

  • Xu, Hao; Giunchiglia, Fausto; Batsuren, Khuyagbaatar; Yang, Hui; Qin, Yue, "A systematic approach and methodology for language translation: The English-Chinese case study", Inghilterra: journal of knowledge management, In press
  • Fausto, Giunchiglia; Khuyagbaatar, Batsuren; Gabor, Bella, "Understanding and Exploiting Language Diversity", Melbourne, Australia: IJICAI, 2017
  • Giunchiglia, F.; Jovanovic, M.; Huertas Miguelánez, M.; Batsuren, K., "Crowdsourcing a large scale multilingual lexico-semantic resource", HCOMP, 2015