Research Outputs Mojtaba Eskandari

  • Eskandari, Mojtaba; Ahmad, Maqsood; Oliveira, Anderson Santana de; Crispo, Bruno, "Analyzing Remote Server Locations for Personal Data Transfers in Mobile Apps" in Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, United States of Ameria: De Gruyter Open, 2017. - (WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY; 1). Proceedings of: PETS 2017, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, July 2017. - DOI: 10.1515/popets-2017-0008
  • Mojtaba Eskandari; Anderson Santana de Oliveira; Bruno Crispo, "VLOC: An Approach To Verify The Physical Location Of A Virtual Machine In Cloud" in IEEE CloudCom 2014, IEEE CloudCom 2014: IEEE, 2014. Proceedings of: CloudCom, Singapore, Dec 2014